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Child Protection Policy:


It is our intention to provide a safe and secure environment for the children and youth who participate in our ministry.  We strive to staff ministry programs by matching, screening and training volunteers with regard to safety for the responsibilities they are assigned.


All ministry volunteers will complete our application process appropriate for the position they will hold.


All volunteers are required to be an active participant at OPWC for a minimum of six months prior to working with minors.


All volunteers are required to abide by the two-person-rule.  Another adult (not a spouse) must be in the room (or vehicle if applicable) with you at all times when minors are present.  No voluteer should be with a minor alone at any time.


All volunteers whose responsibilities bring them in direct contact with minors who are outside the care of their parents will grant permission to Orchard Park Wesleyan Church to undergo a national criminal background check before working with minors.  No one with known prior incidents of physical or sexual abuse, child neglect, child exploitation, or other forms of sexual misconduct will be utilized in any capacity in contact with minors.  Other incidents appearing on the background check will be weighed against the responsibilities of the position for which the individual has applied.


The church will rescreen all volunteers every 3 years.


All volunteers will complete training as requested by the church for the volunteer position they hold.


I acknowledge that I have read the Orchard Park Wesleyan Church Child Protection Policy.  I agree to seek clarification of any policy or provision that I do not understand by contacting the director of the ministry area in which I plan to volunteer.  I further agree to fully and completely abide by the provisions set forth in the church’s Child Protection Policy.  I understand that any failure to do so could result in a revocation of my volunteer approval status.

By filling out the BACKGROUND CHECK below, you are acknowledging and agreeing to all of the statements outlined in the CHILD PROTECTION POLICY.  Please contact the church office if you have further questions.

Please fill out the background check at:

We also need written authorization to perform a background check.  Please print the form below and return it to the church office:

FCRA Authorization for the Wesleyan Church of Orchard Park

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