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In 2002, the church affirmed its purpose as "Making Disciples of Jesus Christ."  To this end the congregation believed God to be calling them to "Increase their Light". One response to this insight was the bulding of a new sanctuary and gathering area.  This new sanctuary was completed and the church held it's first service there in December of 2005.  Today the congregation continues to make disciples of Jesus Christ as it's members Worship, Connect, Serve and Share.



Work at what was orginally known as the Ellicott Church began in a Sunday School promoted by Mr. Hunt, an ardent Sunday school worker from Hamburg.  Beginning in September of 1892, meetings were held with approximately 120 people seeking God.


The first church bulding was erected in 1894 on donated property.  The building was dedicated as the Wesleyan Methodist Church of Ellicott on January 14, 1894. A house on the property west of the church was purchase and converted into a parsonage in 1906.


In 1948, the orginal church was remodeled and a Sunday School wing was added. Attendance grew and further renovations were needed.  In August of 1958 the supersturcture for a new church buliding was started and completed in 1960.  


In 1967 a Christian Education Building was completed which included a gymnasium. Across the years this building has served the church purpose well, reaching out and serving families and children.  In the 1970's the Hillcrest Fire Hall, located directly across the street from the sanctuary, was purchases to serve as an office building.  In the late 1970's 40 acres of land was purchased for future ministries.

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