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The Team


Andrew Sherman


Pastor Andrew Sherman is serving as our Assistant Pastor. He is a graduate of Houghton College with a degree in theology.  Andrew oversees the Youth ministry in addition to assisting with various pastoral duties at the church.  On top of serving at OPWC, Andrew also enjoys playing piano & guitar, hiking, and chasing birds.


Rob Engler


Pastor Rob Engler is our Lead Pastor.  He has been married to Amy Engler for 22 years and they have 6 children: Brianna, Madison, Abby, Kiera, Evan, and Hadley.  Spending time with their family is one of the greatest joys of their life.  Whether it be fishing, camping, hiking, boating, or any one of the various things they do, they are energized by the memories created simply by being with their children.

   One of Rob’s greatest passions is doing life together with the people God has surrounded him with.  Rob has never been one to simply go to church on Sunday.  He takes fellowship as a way of life, by which he strives to include everyone around him: family, neighbors, strangers and even those one might consider enemies.  As a pastor, one of Rob’s responsibilities is to equip the saints to actively accomplish this biblical concept of life together.

Lauren Ruhl Biopic.jpg

Lauren Ruhl


Lauren Ruhl is serving as our Director of Children's Ministries. She is a graduate of Grove City College with a background in elementary education. Her role is to provide welcoming atmosphere and exciting opportunities for children to engage with the church. Lauren enjoys crafting in her free time and spending time outdoors with her husband Josh.

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