COVID 19 Weekly Updates:

This page is for weekly updates about changes to our church programming as a result of the COVID 19 outbreak. 

For the week of March 22-29

Connect Groups: I am recommending that Groups not meet in person this week.  Instead please arrange for each person to be contacted by phone. This may require the leader to set up a phone tree or call each person in the group personally if the size of the group is small.  During the call I encourage you to share a verse of Scripture you have found helpful in your life this week, pray together, and share any specific needs or concerns.  If you would like to utilize an online meeting platform and need assistance feel free to contact the office.
Battalion and CSB: Live stream at 7 pm, Wednesday night.  To sign up or join, follow this link.

Pioneer Girls: cancelled this week
Tuesday Prayer: changing to online zoom format – email the office for a link if you want to participate
Worship Team: cancelled this week
Choir: cancelled this week
Friday Crew: cancelled this week
Sunday Service March 29: 10 am live stream (Facebook live)


Sunday Youth Night: 7 pm live stream (Facebook and Instagram) 


We are praying for you and we are here to help.  If you have any needs please do not hesitate to call Pastor Dan (585) 919-9524 or the church office during business hours M-F 9-4 (716-662-9842).  We have people who are available to help shop, help with house work or outside work, drive you to an appointment, and help with financial needs.  We love you.  We are here with you and for you.

Reflective Thoughts from Pastor Dan:


Signs of spring are all around us.  The geese who raised a family the pond at my house are here again working on a new nest.  Robins have been busy making a nest in the crabapple tree and the daffodils and crocus are starting to bud.  The more of spring I see around me, the harder it is to stay inside.  I hope you have been able to get outside some this past week, even if it was just sitting in an open doorway to soak up some sunshine.  Getting out for a walk or even raking the back yard are safe (practice good social distancing of 6 feet between people not living in your house) and healthy activities that make life seem a bit more normal. 


This past week two different people sent me a text about Noah (Genesis 6-7).  Talk about being under quarantine with no place to go and no-one to see except your family!  Reflecting on Noah made staying at home watching Netflix and working in the yard seem pretty easy.  In fact, despite the challenges that come with the restrictions on work, school, and socializing, we have it pretty easy.  The stress we are feeling is real and difficult, but it is largely due to our being accustomed to so much freedom and blessing.  We do not know what it is to live under a restrictive government or persecuting society.  I imagine our brothers and sisters in China, Pakistan, Burma and other countries around the world would consider our present situation desirable compared to their everyday reality.  Perhaps some perspective can help us appreciate the gifts we are still enjoying.  


If you have children or teens who are getting a bit stir crazy, have them do some research on the persecuted Christians around the world.  Voice of the Martyrs is a good place to start.  The little kids might be encouraged to think about what it would be like to be trapped on a boat for 40 days with no-one to play with but your siblings and nothing to do but chores.  Write a letter to one of our missionaries who work with people who are not able to worship Jesus freely.  (The Scott family and Rogers family both work in areas where people are not free to worship Jesus openly.  You could drop your letters off at the church office and we could mail them for you if you want.)  Research and write an encouraging letter to an organization that is helping people in a country where there is not freedom to worship God.  

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