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Residency Program

Orchard Park Wesleyan Church

Residency Program Overview


The Residency Program of Orchard Park Wesleyan Church is a new program. It is designed with the purpose of investing in men and women who have a clear calling from God to pastoral ministry, a heart for reaching not yet followers of Jesus and a love for the church. The program is structured to help the resident gain experience in ministry in a church setting, grow in faith, and develop ministry skills.


The two-year, approximately twenty-five (25) hours a week residency is a post college program for emerging leaders to continue developing ministry skills in preparation for vocational fulfillment.  The program will provide opportunities in practical hands-on ministry, leadership, and pastoral care.  Residents will be mentored throughout the process by the pastoral staff.  


Residents will be exposed to every ministry in the church providing a full spectrum of experience and opportunity.  The resident in conjunction with the resident director (Lead Pastor) will determine a primary area of ministry focus in line with the resident’s gifts and calling where the resident will concentrate 75% of their time and energy. The remaining time will be spent focusing in the other areas of ministry.  Every resident will spend time focusing on the following areas of ministry: leadership, youth, children, adult discipleship, worship, pastoral care, administration, and preaching.  (Initially we are looking for a resident with a focus in youth or children.)  Our goal is that the program would sustain two (2) residents each year, although the first year we will only have one (1) resident.


The residency program at OPWC is uniquely designed to provide a broad range of experience across ministry and churches. Orchard Park Wesleyan Church actively participates with other churches in the community and Wesleyan denomination.  Exposure to, and observation of, ministry in other church settings is intentionally structured into the residency program. 


Residents will receive $800 monthly and housing will be provided for single residents.  (The church will assist in finding housing for married residents but is not able to provide this for them.)  


Contact Pastor Dan Jones, Residency Supervisor at to request an application. 


Vision of the Residency

The two-year, approximately thirty (30) hours a week residency is a post-college program where emerging leaders will be discipled and mentored in their ministry calling. The program will provide practical guidance over a broad spectrum of ministry with a concentration in one’s  area of calling and giftedness.  


Values of the Residency

Spiritual Development

We believe God honors leaders who pursue personal spiritual formation.  Love for God, His word and the things of God is the first priority of a spiritual leader. A grace-filled hatred of sin is encouraged and expected as together we hold one another accountable in love.  


Passion Enhancement

We believe the pursuit of our highest passion – Jesus – calls us to abandon anything that distracts or distorts our calling.  Laziness and half-hearted efforts reduce our impact and effectiveness in advancing God’s Kingdom on earth.  We purposefully pursue the mission and vision God has called us to as a church.


Character Development

We believe leaders in the church are to exemplify character and integrity in their personal life and ministry.  Humility, teachability, grace, honesty, love and compassion are traits that enhance ministry.  Pride, self-promotion and fear destroy ministry and are not welcomed in the life of godly leaders.


Skill Development

We believe we are always learning even as we lead. Leadership requires humility and teachability even as one teaches and leads.  Growth in ministry skills and experience is expected of all leaders.


Philosophy of Residency Program

We believe leaders are responsible to develop future leaders.  The Residency Program at Orchard Park is designed to raise up pastors by providing experiences, coaching, and training that will help develop clarity and proficiency in ministry.  The extended experience of the program allows residents to work out theory in the church under the guidance of a mentor.   
We believe everyone God calls to ministry can lead.  The program helps hone leadership skills and clarify the leadership style and capacity of residents in a safe context.  


We believe that the local church benefits from investing in new leaders. The joy of helping others flourish in their calling is energizing.  Residents bring fresh ideas and passion to ministries.  New ministry often emerges as residents align congregants around common passions and interest.  


We believe spiritual development coincides with practical experience.   The program is intentionally focused on both the heart and the hands of ministry.

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